Penguins Quotes, Interviews from Tuesday win over Oilers

Coach Dan Bylsma Interview

Crosby high-sticked by Andrew Ference:

(2:40 mark into interview) He (Sid) wanted four minutes for sure, I was actually hoping there was blood. Bylsma then whispers under his breath that maybe he’s not supposed to say that

Left Wing Lock:

(4:00 mark) Decision to use it came about this summer, looking at the neutral zone, in particular. It offers three guys behind every play. It’s a little bit different structure for our team. Previous years we wanted east to west passing from the opposition. This year we want to force them into a turnover up ice. We implemented it in training camp, still getting used to it, but I think the results have been good. Not only in breaking up plays and making it harder through the neutral zone, but the turnovers and the transition the other way.

Sidney Crosby Interview

(0:25 mark) Debate on Sid vs. Kunitz getting credit for goal:

(Speaking good natured-ly) Yeh, I think it (the puck) rode up my stick there. We’ll have to look at the replay there. It happened pretty quick. I’ll have to look at my stick and see if there’s a mark there, a chip. We’ll talk about that later.

(0:45 mark) Andrew Ference high-stick penalty on Crosby:

I don’t know if I was sticking my tongue out when I got hit, I have a mouth guard so it’s pretty hard to bite it like that. Kinda got me in the side of the mouth and somehow took a piece.

Marc-Andre Fleury Interview

(0:25 mark) Definitely when (the Oilers) have the power play, they have some more momentum, more shots and stuff. Nobody panicked, PK was solid, 5-on-3, 5-on-4. Everybody stayed cool and played a great third period.

Chris Kunitz Interview

Goal debate between Kunitz and Crosby

(0:10) Any time you have success, makes you smile. You joke at it, but I don’t think anybody cares who gets credit for the goal.

(1:35 mark) Pregame soccer, Sid kicking puck to himself

We have a whole bunch of guys who play soccer, so hopefully instead of kicking goals in like Duper did the first time we can find someone else to pass to.

(1:45 mark) Marc-Andre Fleury strong play

Great. Timely saves, big on the PK. He’s making all the saves at the right time. Everybody in here knows he’s backstopping us to a whole lot of wins this year, especially at home. He’s been playing great for us.

Pascal Dupuis Interview

(0:10 mark) (Jokingly) If you ask Paul, he’ll probably say he was passing it (to Evgeni Malkin on his game-winning goal). It was good to see Geno get the game-winning goal.

(1:10 mark) You can add a body or two back there (behind the net) and still be able to make plays. Usually if there was a defenseman cutting the net on you, you didn’t have a chance. It’s good for the game.

Brooks Orpik Interview

Second period struggles

(0:35 mark) Lot of turnovers, that’s what they’re looking for. I can tell you as a defenseman, when they keep that up on you, turn you around, run you into the boards, that not very fun. That team’s going to be really good in a couple years.

Edmonton Coach Dallas Eakins Interview

That’s about a complete a game as our guys have had.

Good lessons from Pittsburgh. The way they play the game, that vertical game, that’s what we aspire to be.

On Malkin’s game-winner

(2:00 mark) It’s a fanned shot and goes right to the most dangerous guy on the ice. The hockey gods aren’t lined up with us right now. We’ll do an exorcism and see if they grant us a little more leeway.

Courtesy Pittsburgh Penguins Organization

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