By all means, “boo” Jarome Iginla as loudly and as vociferously as you please

Jarome Iginla came up small in the playoffs when the Penguins needed him most. Certainly, he played out of position at left wing, but that didn’t stop him from scoring two goals and nine points in the first round against the Islanders. It didn’t stop him from denting Evgeni Nabokov’s goalie mask with a blistering shot.

What I’ll remember is waiting and waiting for something, anything positive from him after that. I’ll remember waiting for a first ballot Hall of Famer to ignite his team while playing to win a Cup for the first time in his 16 seasons.

Iginla totaled two goals and one assist in the final nine postseason contests, including zero points against the Boston Bruins. Keep in mind he also compiled 11 points in 13 regular-season games for the Pens.

Mr. Yohe, who covers the Penguins as a beat writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, has the right to his opinion as much as the next person — especially on Twitter.

But if someone wants to boo Jarome Iginla because they were unhappy with his performance after coming to the Pens, more power to them.

Mr. Yohe asks if “there’s anything worse than entitled sports fans who feel it’s OK to behave poorly at sporting events simply because they bought a ticket?”

Dealing with fans behaving poorly at a sporting event is one thing — believe me, I have more experience in that area than Mr. Yohe ever will, but booing Jarome Iginla because of his lackluster showing in the playoffs isn’t one of them.

Treasure Life!


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