Sidney Crosby and Nick Foligno BFF’s? Not quite

by John Toperzer

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ROOT Sports cuts to a replay before breaking for a commercial.

“Crosby with a chance out in front,” says ROOT Sport’s Bob Errey, dissecting an earlier play. “Foligno came across and hit him when he was down on one knee, up pretty high.”

Errey is describing a play which took place with 5:05 remaining in the first period of Friday’s Pittsburgh-Columbus contest. Sidney Crosby took a slap shot from the slot and after his follow through the Blue Jackets’ Nick Foligno hit Crosby while he was in a vulnerable position.

According to Errey, Penguins coach Dan Bylsma discussed the incident with referee Kelly Sutherland extensively prior to the start of the second period. Crosby chimed in with his two cents.

Crosby and Foligno share a history together.

To his credit, Crosby acknowledged that he probably played with a harder edge than necessary when he returned from his first concussion. He wanted to prove to himself that he could give and take physical contact. He said as much in recent interviews with Mark Madden and Bob Costas.

Letting bygones be bygones doesn’t always work in the NHL. Saturday night could line up as another feisty battle between Crosby and Foligno.


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