Paul Martin with Brooks Orpik, Kris Letang with Olli Maatta?

Dan Bylsma’s notes ahead of Friday’s tilt against Nashville

Coach Dan Bylsma

Injury update on our team. Paul Martin was on the ice again today and is expected to play tonight. Kris Letang was not and ill the last 24 hours and probable for the game but not on the ice this morning.

Marc-Andre Fleury will start in net for our team.

Both teams looking for a win here, having lost three in a row. They’ve been on the road an awful lot.

Shew Weber, Seth Jones, seen a lot of Jones the last couple weeks, a big part of their team.

On light/heavy schedule: I don’t think the players enjoy playing so few games. They’re not into the flow of playing a lot of games. You mix a Rangers game we don’t play very well and it leaves you for a long period of time not feeling great about your game.

A lot of games coming in the next 20 days and we like that a lot more. It’s time to go.

Sacrificing offense for defense, I’m not sure statistically we’ve done anything would indicate that’s the case, other than we haven’t scored. We had 21 chances last game, high quality. I don’t think that’s the case.

On losing more faceoffs lately: You know our numbers have been down the last three games, more in the offensive zone. We haven’t run as many offensive plays because of it. Sometimes, unbeknownst to the world, Brandon Sutter may have an injury that’s dropped off on our faceoffs for some other reason that we’re not proficient at it. You may look to try using other people in there.

I’m not prepared to tell you the pairings. With Paul Martin returning, I guess I can tell you that Martin will be paired with Brooks Orpik.

Letang didn’t get into a flow with his partner, a consistent flow with a pair yet. Hopefully Kris will be playing tonight, and yes he would be playing with Olli Maatta.

*Notes are not all-inclusive. Please listen to audio link for full and complete statement*

Sidney Crosby audio

James Neal audio

Paul Martin audio

Jussi Jokinen audio


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