Malkin and Ovechkin and Oates, oh my!


by John Toperzer


When will Evgeni Malkin break out of his 14-game goalless slump?


Look across center red Wednesday night. Fellow Russian Alexander Ovechkin scored only two goals in his first 10 games of 2012-13. Folks were ready to write him off, but Ovie came back and won a controversial Hart Trophy. Who knows how Malkin’s season will turn out, but if Ovechkin can do it, so can Gino.


Malkin’s high assist-to-goal ratio (3G, 17A) is nothing new for the man behind the Washington bench. Adam Oates’s long NHL career saw him put up the following selected numbers: 1988-89 – 16 goals, 62 assists; 1991-92 – 10 goals, 59 assists; and in 2001-02 for the Caps he had 11 goals and 57 helpers.

Malkin’s got a long way to go before anyone calls him the next Adam Oates. Click here for Oates’s career numbers.


In case you missed the Russian hockey video featuring Malkin for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, click here. Not surprisingly, Ilya Kovalchuk gets the microphone after jumping back to the KHL.



The Penguins started last season with a 13-8 record. What’s their record this year? 13-8. Of course, last season they went on an unprecedented 15-0 mark in the month of March to up their mark to 28-8.

Incidentally, the team started out 12-6-3 two years ago. Had to check that out — lightning strikes twice but not three times in a row.


Under the Radar

Much is made of the Crosby-Ovechkin rivalry, but Ovechkin-Malkin is a doozy, too. Click here for memory refreshers. The two didn’t like each other the first couple years in the NHL, but apparently things have since been patched up. We’ll see. There’s nothing like a rivalry among countrymen.


Treasure Life!


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