Unearthing another late December Mario Lemieux performance

By John Toperzer

The big French guy returned to Mellon Arena 13 years ago, set the hockey world on fire. Double the number of years and think back to 1987 — if you were even alive at the time.

I was, and for whatever reason saved the sports section of the Pittsburgh Press from Dec. 27, 1987.

What’s really cool is that not only did Mario Lemieux score a goal and two assists against the Toronto Maple Leafs in his return to hockey Dec. 27, 2000, but he also had a goal and two assists nearly 13 years prior to that date.

The man is a legend.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the game is Phil Bourque’s three assists! (Just kiddin’ ole 29er).

For your viewing pleasure, I snapped some pics from the Sunday sports section of that very same date and offer them here for your enjoyment. (If you click on the individual photos below, they’re easier to read).






Treasure Life!


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