Penguin Notes: Patrick, Fleury, Kunitz, Jeffrey



This tweet really ticked me off. What a crappy thing to say about a person who just got hired for a new job, let alone one who had a huge part in bringing two Stanley Cup championships to Pittsburgh.

We’re all entitled to our opinions. Mr. Yohe voiced his and now you’ve heard mine. Here are a few others.



I might be worried more about the Marc-Andre Fleury’s time off during the Olympic break than any possible overuse right now. The Penguins goalie is on pace for 66 starts. Throughout his 10-year NHL career, Fleury has started between 61-66 games five times.

Pittsburgh doesn’t play after February 7 until February 27, an 18-day off period. That might disrupt Fleury’s timing and pace more than starting 60-some games. Moreover, with a pretty commanding Metropolitan Division lead, the Penguins could rest the Flower in case they were afraid he might wilt.


Friend, Scott Pianowski, of Yahoo! fame tweeted this interesting tidbit about Tom Glavine. That’s all I have to say about the baseball Hall of Fame before I get a Jack-Morris sized headache.



Chris Kunitz has 146 points in his last 146 regular-season games, dating back to Dec. 10, 2011.


Prior to Thursday’s action, the Penguins were the only one of eight Metropolitan Division squads with a positive goal differential. Only St. Louis (plus-58) and Chicago (plus-42) featured better goal differentials than did the Pens (plus-40).



Dustin Jeffrey tallied one assist on nine shots with a minus-2 rating in 10 games for the Pens before moving on to the Stars. He has one assist on nine shots with a minus-2 rating in 10 games with Dallas. At least he’s consistent. Click here.


Treasure Life!


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