Shame on you, @JoeyBats19

By John Toperzer


I took a ton of Twitter criticism on Sunday and I for that I am thankful.

Let me explain.

I was one of Jose Bautista’s 543,000 Twitter followers at the beginning of the day. The man is a modern day rags-to-riches story, a late bloomer of epic proportion. By all accounts, he’s very likable.

At least that’s what I thought, until today.

“Joey Bats” sent out the following tweet, challenging what a person with less than 2000 followers had to say.

Now we all know that Twitter is filled with crazy thoughts and ramblings on a daily basis and Bautista is a competitive person. He has to be. But doesn’t he also have to be better than that? What does re-posting R-rated and possibly racist slang words to more than half of a million fans accomplish? Are we all supposed to feel sorry for him? At what cost?

With that in mind, I replied to Mr. Bautista, not knowing what he would say or do. In fact, I didn’t really care. I was disappointed by Bautista and felt that his tweet went way over the line of good taste.

At worst, I suppose I could be accused of being a bit pushy with my request. Whatever the case, Mr. Bautista ended our conversation defiantly, as if he had just out-jousted me.

Well done sir. You blocked me from reading profanity-laced material on Twitter. Winning!


Looking back, the whole exchange was ludicrous. A quick Google search shows that Mr. Bautista holds a charity golf tourney, started a Bautista Family Education Fund and sounds like an all-around great guy — which makes his Twitter judgment on Sunday even more questionable.

This isn’t the NFL. I highly doubt major league baseball or Bud Selig would condone Mr. Bautista’s exploitation of personal criticism by using the words he posted in his tweet.

Where has common decency gone?

At last count, 226 Twitter accounts re-tweeted Mr. Bautista’s blocking of me while 932 favorited the same tweet. By comparison, 12 folks favorited my tweet. That tells you all you really need to know.

If everyone stooped to the level of his or her detractor, Twitter would crash on a daily basis.

I wish Bautista well. I even uploaded the photo I took of him at Double-A Altoona as my Twitter account avatar.

But what he posted was wrong and he needs to know that.

Treasure Life!


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