Penguins Thoughts: Thanksgiving Break



Sidney Crosby.

His David Steckel-induced concussion in the 2011 Winter Classic was bad, but it wasn’t what caused him to miss chunks of the next two seasons. What caused him to sit out was the second concussion he sustained four days later on a Victor Hedman check behind the net.

Two concussions in a short period of time ruined Crosby for two years.

As a result, Pittsburgh needs to be extra careful handling his return to action right now.

Following Wednesday’s practice, Crosby mindfully noted he’s looking to continue a progression from the brain injury. He was quick to remind reporters that even though he had a smile on his face, it didn’t mean there couldn’t be concussion symptoms later in the day.

Truly, the only sure way to prevent Crosby from suffering a second concussion is to sit him out. While his brain’s game has been compared to that of a Ferrari, the Pens’ medical staff needs to consider the player’s long-term future over its short-term desires.

Let’s face it. The pressure is enormous for Crosby to return from both inside and outside the organization. Crosby missing the Pens-Sharks reunion Nov. 5 in San Jose would be a shame.

Pittsburgh’s captain got hurt during Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend. It would be more than prudent to sit him out through the United States’ Thanksgiving, having him make his season debut Nov. 25 in Minnesota or Nov. 26 at home against New Jersey.

Will it happen? Probably not, but it should. It’s the only way to ensure he doesn’t suffer a pair of concussions in a short period of time and miss another Stanley Cup run.


Random Thoughts

Whatever became of Mario Lemieux’s intention of selling his shares in the Penguins? On one hand it could be considered a bad time to sell with the franchise coming off its fourth Stanley Cup championship. On the other hand, the adage “buy low, sell high” makes a lot of sense too.*David Morehouse stated Thursday morning the Pens aren’t for sale.

Watching Root Sport’s showing of 1992 Game 4 Pens-Rangers on Wednesday really showed how close to the action the seats were at the Civic/Mellon Arena. That’s something Consol/PPG Paints Arena doesn’t offer. I will also add that it’s good PPG Paints Arena finally has a championship banner of its own to hang from the rafters instead of banners mostly earned from the era of the old barn.

Enjoy Opening Night!





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